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Alex Kaiser

Direct Support Professional

Alex Kaiser

Hello, my name is Alexandria Kaiser. I was born in Portland OR, and raised on the coast. Growing up on the coast has made me a very adventurous person. I enjoy hiking, camping, swimming and long evening walks on the beach to enjoy a good sunset. I also enjoy reading, crafting and painting on my spare time as well.

I have previous experience in this line of work. I worked as a DSP in Portland as well as Salem. I have always found this type of work very rewarding, I think my older sister got me interested first when I was in high school and ever since then I’ve always enjoyed it. Assisting people to see their full potential and helping them grow independently is something I knew I wanted to keep doing once I started.
I took a small break from this line of work but I keep finding my way back and I couldn’t be happier to get back into it and be the best advocate I can be for whomever I get the chance to work with.
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