An Oregon Provider Organization for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

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John Doughton

Direct Support Professional

My name is John Doughton. I have worked as a Direct Support Specialist for just over 6 years now. I have worked within a great range of mental & physical developmental client support. I have been privileged to live and work in many places throughout the world, including Scotland, Hawaii, Philippines and Australia. I have a worked as a computer programmer, network specialist, global network communications engineer and a recent graduate as a Medical Assistant. While in school, I started my career as a Direct Support Specialist and my heart has captivated me to helping and sharing my wide range of skills for those with special needs. I like to encourage outdoor activities and explore the great Pacific Northwest whenever possible.
My interests include anything to do with the outdoors; sailing, camping, traveling, golfing, etc. I take pride in how I make complex situations & training understandable, empowering the clients I support. I live by a simple phrase, “Don’t sweat the small stuff, most stuff is small stuff”. I am very positive & strong, love to laugh, make the best of any situation. My favorite quote is from the late/great Jackie Gleason “Let’s just smile and remember all the good times”.

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