An Oregon Medicaid Agency Supporting Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Kaylie Pace

Direct Support Professional

Kaylie Pace

Hi! My name is Kaylie Pace, and I’m thrilled to be working as a direct support professional.

I have always felt passionately about helping others be able to experience their life to the fullest and I am so grateful for this unique opportunity to do that.

As the youngest of 7 children and now a mom to 3, family is where I have learned the most about nurturing, care giving, flexibility, and hard work. And where I have gained my desire to help others find happiness and reach their full potential.

I love music in all forms: performing, writing, listening, and teaching. You can always catch me singing, having a dance party, or on my piano/guitar/ukulele writing music. It’s a huge creative outlet for me and an amazing way I’ve been able to connect with others.

I love sports and fitness! My years spent playing varsity basketball, volleyball, soccer, and track really gave me much of my strength, confidence, and work ethic.

The last six years I’ve worked for a company called Apex Leadership Co. I worked First as an employee and the most recent 2 years have been an owner with my husband. It is a leadership and fitness program that we bring to grade schools while also earning money for the school.  We work with kids that come from all different kinds of backgrounds and struggles. Making them feel important, confident, and capable is a huge part of the job and extremely rewarding. It’s also very similar to what I get to do with this company. And I’m constantly reminded that we often underestimate people with different struggles than our own, when in fact they have SO much to offer and are beautiful people.

When life gets too crazy, nature is my solitude. Hiking, swimming, camping, and exploring Oregon as a family has been one of my greatest joys.

I’m excited for the opportunity to get to know some beautiful people and work hard together to reach our best!

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