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Liliana Lainez

Direct Support Professional

Liliana Lainez

Hi, my name is Liliana Lainez. Some of my hobbies include playing with my dog, painting, going on hikes, hanging out with friends, swimming and I have been trying to pick up reading as well. I love to travel and so far I have been to 9 states and 2 countries.
I have three nephews and one niece. I love spending as much time with them as I can. They bring me so much joy and getting to watch them grow is so amazing. One nephew and my niece do currently live in Honduras so I have only been able to meet them twice which can be difficult but we are working hard to get them moved here with us.
A little bit more about me is that I am half hispanic, my dad is from Honduras and I have been there twice to visit. I am bilingual (I speak spanish as well). I hope to one day buy a house down there in Honduras, not to live but to have a place for when my family goes to visit ( because we usually go for weeks at a time).

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