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Lyn Adkins

ARISE Mentors, LLP

Lyn Adkins

Hello. My name is Eleonora but, since my name is hard to pronounce I go by Lyn.
I’m from Lundsthul Germany. I came to the U.S. in 1978 with my mother, half brother and step father who was a career military man retiring after  23 years of service. Then he drove trucks from coast to coast taking me along with him so I could see North America during the summer breaks from school. I’ve been to every state including Alaska and Hawaii. And explored some of Canada after leaving home after graduating high school. Settling in Oregon in 1988. The Pacific Northwest is to me the most beautiful place North America, truly blessed by the Lord with it’s beautiful  mountains, rivers and forests. It’s full of natural resources and a wide variety of natural medication.
I’ve been caregiving for the last 11+ yrs at a private group home in Siletz Oregon. Where I’ve taken care of physically and mentally disabled adults. and a few minors that were just passing through.
I love to be outdoors (when it’s not too hot), working in my yard or garden, or playing with my dogs and cats.
My body will not tolerate synthetic drugs so for the last 25yrs. I’ve done a lot of studying on herbal medicines. I’ve found that Oregon
has many resources available to make my own remedies for what ails me. I spend a lot of time in the woods or on the river forging plants, mushroom hunting, picking berries, looking for gems, fishing or just enjoying the beauty of Oregon.
In the winter months in my spare time I love canning, cooking and especially baking!
I love to care for others and teach the young and old how to cook to be healthy with what God has given us. Being very proud of the fact
that none of the folks I’ve cared for since I started caregiving haven’t even had so much as a cold in the last 11 years just by how I cook for them.
So if you’re up for walks, site seeing, crafting and eating, I’m your girl. Thank you for taking the time to read and considering me.

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