An Oregon Medicaid Agency Supporting Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Matthew Fields

Lead Direct Support Professional

Matthew Fields


My name is Matthew Fields, 

Through programs at my church or school I have directly worked or supported Senior Citizens, Adults, and Children with developmental disabilities since I was in the 6th grade. I most recently have volunteered to help with an adult group home in Dallas, Or. 

I am passionate about connecting with people in a way that allows both myself and them to grow and mature as we contribute to society in practical and intentional ways. I try to do this in my everyday life through budgeting, keeping a clean home, and maintaining friendships and relationships with the people in my life.

I think regardless of a persons mental or physical state it is clear to me that people need other people. I think there are tools that when slowly learned allow for growth to take place that results in healthier people, relationships, and community.

Tools like how a person communicates with body language, tone, and inflection tend to be more nuance and when you are dealing with someone who struggles in those areas patience is really important. I think that is something I am able to offer. 

As well as being assertive when wanting to suggest or encourage an individual when they are wanting or needing to make a decision that will impact themselves daily or long-term.

I enjoy sports, video games, cartoons and history. I am thankful to be in the country I am in and that comes from multiple members of my family serving in the military.

I believe in supporting my clients as much as they are wanting to be supported and encouraging them as much as they are wanting to be encouraged. 

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