An Oregon Provider Organization for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

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Section 5G

Complaints and Grieveances

The following procedure will be shared with every customer and customer representative at the beginning of services provided by the Company and at the beginning of each plan year.


The Company and employees are committed to treating all clients with compassion, care, and dignity and ensuring the provision high quality services. Any complaint or grievance received from a customer about actions by an employee that is contrary to law, rule, or policy will be given the highest priority by the Company. All complaints received from an individual or others acting on their behalf will be reported to the individual’s CDDP. If the customer’s complaint is associated in any way with abuse or a violation of the individual’s rights, the recipient of the complaint will immediately report the issue to the the Company and the CDDP.

Every customer, or his/her legal representative, will be given both oral and written notification of the Company’s complaint and grievance procedure. The information will be conveyed in a manner that is appropriate for the customer’s needs and abilities. If the customer is a Medicaid client, they will also receive information about their right to have their complaint move directly to a hearing at any time during the complaint and grievance process.

Important Note: This section does not apply to complaints about abuse, which are covered in another section.

Informal Process for Handling Complaints

If a customer is unhappy with any aspect of the services they receive from the Company, the customer or a legal representative is encouraged to discuss the complaint with the employee. If the customer or customer’s representative or legal guardian does not reach a resolution of the complaint they can bring the complaint to the employee’s lead. If the customer or legal representative is not comfortable bringing the complaint to the employee involved they may bring their complaint directly to the Company. If the employee’s lead’s attempts to review and resolve the complaint fail, the customer and representative can bring the complaint to the Company’s directors who will attempt to resolve the complaint within five (5) working days.

Nothing in this section precludes a customer from going straight to the CDDP case manager with complaints and grievances. In a case where the case manager contacts the employee directly, the employee should refer the case manager to a Company director.

Complaints and Grievances Log

All complaints and grievances by customers should be logged in the Company’s billing and progress notes system on the date when the complaint was made. Any follow-ups should be added to the same notes.

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