An Oregon Provider Organization for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

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Trista Jentzsch

Direct Support Professional

Direct Support Professional
Hello, I’m Trista, are you ready to have some fun and adventure!? I am sure ready to help you achieve this. I am the mother of 5 and grandmother of 2, I have been married 24 years, and truly believe my calling in life is to make sure that everyone is productive, active and loving life to the fullest in their homes and communities. After receiving my CNA and CNA2 in acute care and working in hospitals and nursing homes, I became very aware that people need help in their homes as well. Almost 9 years ago I decided to start taking care of people as a hospice caregiver, as hard as this was it was also very rewarding.

I decided to switch to basic care-giving about 3 years ago, again deciding that there were many more people out there that needed help getting out in the community and leading fun and productive lives. I am willing to work as many hours and days as you may want or need. Need help with housework, cooking, meal planning, laundry, I am willing to do it all. I am no stranger to the dirty work and have no problem helping you achieve this.

Need to make some appointments, let me help you with that as well. Things need to be done and I understand that. I also know that we all need to have a little fun and excitement in our lives and for me I love getting out with you and doing new things and seeing new places. From hiking to simply having lunch.

I love cooking, meal planning. Freezer meals are a specialty. I am willing to transport to community activities and doctor appointments, where ever you may need or want to go I am willing to take you, I have reliable transportation.

I love a good adventure and there are a lot of wonderful things in Portland and the surrounding areas that we can go and explore. From the mountains to the coast and all the wonders in between, we are sure to find some great times to be had. I believe not all fun needs to cost a lot of money or any money at all. A simple drive to check out the sights around town or a nice scenic drive to a mountain look out or state park, even a free historic museum, I am great at budgeting and stretching the dollar if need be.

I enjoy packing a picnic and that can also save a lot. Group activities are always a nice thing to do, you get to make new friends, see old ones, and sometimes you find yourself enjoying something you never thought you would be doing, and even save a little money on activities when you do them as a group. I am great at following schedules/care plans, if you have them, as I believe that we all need some structure in life. Be it from a schedule or just a daily routine, sometimes it helps to know what is going to be happening.

I am always up for a learning experience for both you and myself. Learning is an everyday thing, and it can be very helpful. I know that community involvement is very important, whether it is participating or volunteering, it is very rewarding and fulfilling. Everyone deserves the best in life and I truly believe that community involvement is one of the best things a person can do.

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