An Oregon Provider Organization for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

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Turid Hanssen

Direct Support Professional

Hi. My name is Turid Hanssen, and I am new to ARISE Mentors, LLP . In the past I have been a Special Education Teacher K through 12th grade in the State of California. I have also been active in service organizations like Early Head Start and Boy Scouts of America as teacher or leader. I am a Story Teller and enjoy learning about languages and cultures from other parts of the world, so I enjoy travelling and meeting new friends. My hobbies include sewing, knitting and crocheting. I like a wide variety of music and enjoy cuddling up with a cozy blanket and a well-written book. Although movies and TV shows are entertaining and can be instructive, I walk away from anything offensive to my sense of justice or decency. My desire is to share art that is uplifting and fun. Animals and nature are important to me and I would like to take you to places like parks , the zoo, aquariums, and museums that are stimulating and enjoyable. I will help you with food planning and preparation with an eye to your health and well-being, and shopping with you will be another fun activity. It will be a pleasure meeting you.

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