An Oregon Medicaid Agency Supporting Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities


Direct Support Professional


Hello! My name is Iniobong. I am a direct support professional. In 2004, I obtained a Diploma in substance abuse  counseling at Stratford Career Institute Virginia, while I worked as a licensed nurse assistant (CNA) at St Johns group home. In 2016 I received  medication training license at Kedesha training place at Baltimore- Washington DC.

In Nigeria, I completed a course in social studies with Diploma at Collage of Education Yola, still trying to to find my path so 1994 I had Associates degree in Humanities in Yola polytechnic. I have worked with people of various race, culture, ages, ethics, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, mental disorder, caregiver in-home care/ live in, assisting  individual in homes by providing them support with daily living activities.

I have carry out services to clients in various capacity as a lead caregiver I was recognized, awarded certificate of team player and commitment.
As an advocate I am committed to serving the clients interest. I also partner with other organization care. I have worked along side with in house support in a stabilization long term-housing supporting people with trauma crisis, stabilized them through consistent  medication/counseling, facilitate connection for additional resources. I have served as a liaison and advocate  for program participants to mediate any issues.

My 17 years of successful experience have made me significant in creativity, compassionate care with boundaries, dependable, patient, trustworthy also possess positive ethics. Most of all, respect and value their dignity/privacy.

As a result of my long passion for caregiving. I choose to do what I know how to do best. Over the years I find it incredibly motivating to use my skills to advance my job. My passion started at home, helping my grandmother when she was sick and helpless as a young girl I did not know that I was creating a path for a career. When my job is noticed I know that I have done well that gives me a feeling of fulfillment. My hobby includes: singing, cooking, traveling and gym.

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