An Oregon Medicaid Agency Supporting Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Section 1

About ARISE Mentors, LLP


ARISE Mentors, LLP has operated as a “Provider Organization” through the state’s Support Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities Program. This program is the offshoot of a court decision requiring the state to expand its services to people with developmental disabilities.

The DHS program contracts with social service agencies statewide to act as “brokerages” and county CDDPs that conduct assessments of adults with developmental disabilities, prepare an Individual Support Plan (ISP) with them, and help them obtain services they need from a network of community providers.

As a provider organization under the DHS program, ARISE Mentors, LLP has served Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, and Lincoln counties and are hoping to expand to serve other counties as circumstances change. ARISE Mentors, LLP owners bring more than 30 years of experience providing services to the special needs community.


Our services will be provided to customers by qualified employees, interns, and contractors of ARISE Mentors, LLP. At the outset, the company will provide support services to adults with developmental disabilities in the following areas.

Community Living Supports

Support and instruction that facilitates independence and promotes community integration by supporting the individual to gain or maintain skills to live as independently as possible in the type of home the individual chooses and to provide support for individuals to participate in activities in integrated settings that promote community inclusion and contribution. See OAR 411-317-0050.

Completion or assistance such as window washing and moving furniture needed to maintain a clean, safe and sanitary home environment on a one-time or occasional basis. These are provided by the company when they cannot be performed or paid for by a member of the household or a relative, caregiver, landlord, agency or other third-party provider.

The Company will also provide Day Support Activities in the community.

The Company will provide Community Living Supports to adults and to children.

In-Home Services

Completion or assistance with general household activities such as meal preparation and routine household care, provided by a trained homemaker when regular caregiver is temporarily unavailable or unable to perform the tasks.

Non-Medical Transportation

Transportation in employee’s vehicle related to other services for which transportation is allowed, ie. community living and job coaching. See OAR 411-435-0050 and See OAR 411-435-0035(14).. The Company does not operate vehicles that transport individuals. See See OAR 411-435-0035(12).

Employment Services

The Company will provided services to individuals who are eligible for employment services and seeking to working to qualify to support individuals who require support for employment as defined in OAR 411-435-0035. Specific services offered are Job Coaching, Job Development, Discovery, and Employment Path. Employment Path opportunities will not be provided in facilities owned or operated by The Company.

Exclusions to Employment Services

The Company does not offer employment-related money management services. See OAR 411-435-0035(13).

The Company does not offer employment-related medical management services. See OAR 411-435-0035(11).

The Company does not offer employment-related professional behavior services. See See OAR 411-435-0035(14-15).

The Company will not provided employment-related services to any individual on property owned or leased by the company. See OAR 411-435-0035(13).

The Company does not operate businesses for the purpose of providing employment to its own customers, as in sheltered workshops, etc.

The Company does not provided Employment Path opportunities on in company facilities.

Money Management Services

The Company does not directly handle individuals’ money.

Behavior Services

The Company does not provide behavior support services.

Medical Management

The Company does not provide medication management supports.

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