An Oregon Medicaid Agency Supporting Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Section 5E

Dealing with Difficult Behaviors

The Company strives to maintain a safe and cooperative workplace for its staff and the people we serve. To this end the Company’s Policies and Procedures provide for progressive ways to deescalate difficult situations and procedures that staff should employ if situations become dangerous.

The Company’s Policies and Procedures will be provided to the customer and his/her legal representative prior to finalizing any service agreement. Until such time as the company qualifies for Behavior services certification, the Company will not provide behavior evaluation and consultation services to customers.

Where a qualified behavior consultant has done an evaluation and written a plan, any employee who works with the customer will be trained by the behavior consultant with the customer. Employees will work with a customer who has a behavior plan using the techniques that are taught by the qualified behavior consultant or are outlined in a qualified behavior support plan.

The Company reserves the right to decline to work with a customer who has serious behaviors of concern that the company or employees are unqualified to support.

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