An Oregon Medicaid Agency Supporting Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities


Policies and Procedures


ARISE Mentors


ARISE Mentors

the Department

Oregon State Department of Human Services (DHS)

the Customer

Individuals who receive paid support services from ARISE Mentors.

the Customer Representative

Legal representative(s) of the customer, ie, parent or guardian.

the Employee

Any employee, intern, or volunteer of ARISE Mentors while in the course of providing services on behalf of the company. The Company does not utilize contractors in providing supports to individuals.

Direct Support Professional

Someone assigned to the customer for providing the services in the service agreement.


a social service agency that assesses the needs of adults with developmental disabilities and refers them to individual contractors or provider organizations for needed services.

Personal Agent

An employee of a brokerage assigned to the customer for the purpose of managing ISP’s and finding providers.


Community Developmental Disabilities Program. The agency that conducts intake for people with developmental disabilities and refers them to a brokerage agency for assessment.


Individual Support Plan, which is drawn up by a brokerage agency and outlines the customer’s goals and the services needed to accomplish them.


Oregon Administrative Rules

Service Agreement

A contract between the customer and ARISE Mentors, with agreed hours, rates, and goals.


Seniors and People With Disabilities, the division of the Oregon Department of Human Services that oversees support services provided to people with developmental disabilities.


Office of Developmental Disability Services


See OAR  411-370 for other definitions.

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