An Oregon Provider Organization for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

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Section 5H

Customer Rights

The Company will ensure that each customer’s individual rights (OAR 411.318) are well respected and that ours services reflect the principles of self-determination. The Company believes in the core principles of Self-Determination and will strive to provide services in accordance to these principles. As defined in the Oregon Administrative Rules, these principles are:


The ability for an individual with a developmental disability, together with freely chosen family and friends, to plan a life with necessary support services rather than purchasing a predefined program.

Freedom from seclusion, unauthorized training or treatment, and personal, chemical, and mechanical restraints unless an imminent risk of physical harm to the individual or others exists and only for as long as the imminent risk continues.


The ability for an individual with a developmental disability, with the help of a social support network if needed, to control a certain sum of resources in order to purchase support services.


The arranging of resources and personnel, both formal and informal, that shall assist an individual with a developmental disability to live a life in the community rich in community affiliations and free from restraint. This includes access to free and appropriate public education for individuals under the age of 21 as well as the right to refuse to attend. Individuals may not be required to perform labor, except personal housekeeping duties, without reasonable and lawful compensation.


The acceptance of a valued role in an individual’s community through competitive employment, organizational affiliations, personal development, and general caring for others in the community, as well as accountability for spending public dollars in ways that are life-enhancing for individuals with developmental disabilities. On a practical level, the implementation of services founded on the principles of Self-Determination will:

    • Ensure that customer’s receive services only after informed consent is provided by The Company to the customer as to how services are delivered. Such consent will be delivered in written form and the customer may request any clarifications in writing. All consent by customer is voluntary.
    • Ensure that each participant’s services are individually structured to meet their unique needs.
    • Ensure that each participant has the maximum control possible over which staff provides their services.
    • Ensure that all customers have opportunity to help structure staff training and evaluation.
    • Ensure that services are designed to teach skills needed to successfully live a personally fulfilling life in the community.
    • Ensure that services do the utmost to make certain the health and safety of each individual.
    • Ensure that services are provided in a manner that is free from abuse and neglect, including financial exploitation.
    • Ensure that in the abuse reporting by customers and employees is free of retaliation.

Additional Rights

The Company supports, in principle, all rights as outlined in OAR 411-318 whether or not the Company directly provides supports related to the right as described. Where the Company provides supports outlined in the rule, all such individual rights will be upheld by the Company and its employees.

Exceptions from OAR

    • The Company does not accept service agreements that include direct administration of medication to customers. At most, The Company assists customers in understanding physicians’ and pharmacists’ written instructions. Our customers administer their own medications.
    • The Company does not accept service agreements that include providing medical treatment to customers. At most, The Company assists customers in understanding physicians’ written instructions and the customer follows those instructions by the customer’s willingness to do so.
    • The Company does not provided experimental programs. All services are evidence-based and usual for types of services provided.
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