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To ARISE Mentors, LLP

By Stephen Rex Goode

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Welcome to ARISE Mentor’s, LLP. We are a Medicaid agency that provides services to adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are located in Oregon and currently service individuals in the Portland metro and Lincoln County areas.  We were founded in 2016 by Drew Stinson and Rex Goode, who have a combined 35+ years experience working with individuals who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities. We recently hired an agency manager, Kathleen Garrett who has experience in residential management and working with children. Between Rex, Drew and Kathleen, there is over 60 combined years of dedicated service and experience between them.

Our direct support professionals come from a variety of backgrounds and experience. They all share a passion and enthusiasm for the work that we do. See some of our employee profiles linked to on this website.

You can find out a lot about our philosophy for how we work with individuals by visiting the other articles on this website. We provide training in influential interviewing in addition to the required trainings in mandatory abuse reporting and first aid.

All members of our team maintain a workload with individuals so that everyone up to the owners of the agency are in touch with what it is like to work in the trenches with our supported individuals.

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The Road to Success

Good Intentions Get a Bad Rap

By Stephen Rex Goode

Categories: Leadership,The Work

Al Capone

The old saying goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Nobody quite knows who first uttered or wrote it. It’s at least as old as the first half of the 19th century. There is much abou it that is true. There is even more about it that I don’t like. If you were to read all of the quotes about best intentions by all of the famous people who have spoken about them, you’d have a pretty dismal view of mankind. In short, good intentions have a bad rap.

Speaking of quotes about good intentions, notorious gangster of the Prohibition era, Al Capone, was quoted as saying, “I have spent the best years of my life giving people the lighter pleasures, helping them have a good time, and all I get is abuse, the existence of a hunted man (from How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie, 1936). (more…)

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Focusing on Potential

Changing How You Approach Your Work

By Stephen Rex Goode

Categories: Leadership,Training

I recently watched one of my favorite films, based on a true story and an autobiographical novel of the same title. The film was, To Sir, With Love. It was the story of a man who had studied to be an engineer and wanted to work in a communications plant, but was having trouble finding a position. The necessity of needing to earn a living lead him to accept a position in a London school in a rough neighborhood, but he kept seeking a job in his chosen field.

He was assigned to teach what would be, in American schools, the senior class. The students were about to enter adulthood with few prospects, most of them not sure why they even needed an education. As a result, they acted out their despair by baiting their teachers.

Enter Mr. Thackery, never having had a teaching position before. He paused on his way to see the principal to look into his classroom and began his mental assessment of the task ahead of him. He saw teenagers sitting on desks, papers flying, smoking, and general chaos.

His negative impression of his students was further aided by a jaded teacher who had nothing good to say about the class and the students. Some teachers tried to encourage him, but there was not much they could say that was positive. As he began trying to teach it was quickly obvious that the youths were going to live up to their reputations and even beyond that. (more…)

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Being Leaders

How to Avoid Defensiveness

By Stephen Rex Goode

Categories: Skills

Gilt bronze equestrian sculpture of Joan of Arc by Emmanuel Frémiet in Coe Circle (at NE 39th & Glisan) in the Laurelhurst neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, U.S.A

One of my favorite legends about Joan of Arc was when she told her generals that she was going to scale the wall of a certain city to take it back from the English. One general said, “No one will follow you over that wall.”

She replied, “I won’t be looking back to see if anyone is following.”

One of the biggest misconceptions about self-directed supports is that we are supposed to just follow along with everything a customer wants to do and that a customer who is resistant to change should not be influenced to change. While it is true that our customers choose the supports they want and how they are delivered, we have a responsibility to them and to those government entities that fund our work to use those funds appropriately. (more…)

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Are You Listening?

Activating Your Listening Skills

By Stephen Rex Goode

Categories: Communication,Skills,The Work

My morning routine consists of waking up at 3:40 AM and heading to the gym. I take with me my cell phone and a large Bluetooth headset. After swimming, I take my headset out of my gym bag and set it on the bench next to me. After getting dressed, I hang it from my shirt collar and leave.

A couple of weeks ago, I did this routine, but instead of hanging the headset from my shirt collar, I absentmindedly left it on the bench. When I got to work and looked for it, I realized my mistake, except that I thought I left it at the snack bar where I got a protein shake for the trip to work. The worker looked for it on the counter and couldn’t find it. She suggested I call back later and ask the front counter people if it had been turned in as lost-and-found.

That’s what I did. I started out by asking if a Bluetooth headset had been turned in. While I was trying to describe my headset, the person on the other end of the phone was talking about walking over to the lost-and-found shelves. He said he didn’t see it. I tried again to tell him that it was not the little ear-bud kind of Bluetooth. It was big enough to fit over my head with a microphone that extends. I was pretty sure he hadn’t heard me say that part and had told me to call back later and again over the weekend. I called back later that day and then twice on the weekend. Each time, the person answering the phone told me they didn’t see it and it seemed to me that they were tuning me out every time I tried to tell them it was going to be big and obvious with a camouflage coloring.

That next Monday morning, I asked the early morning person at the counter to look for it. She opened up the drawer and there it was. (more…)

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Our Kind of Milestone

Come Join Our Team

By Stephen Rex Goode

Categories: The Work

Today is an important milestone for our company. It isn’t measured in anniversaries, dollars, or the size of our company. It represents why we love doing what we’re doing, and unfortunately, for confidentiality’s sake, I can’t give you details. I’ll refer to our customer as Paul, though that is not his real name. As with all of our customers, Paul has a developmental disability that means that he requires support in various areas of his life and we provide that support.

I first met Paul many years ago as an independent contractor, doing this work. At the time, ARISE Mentors did not exist. My dear friend, Drew Stinson, and I were both in this field, and we were referred to as skills trainers. Our job was to assist our customers learn how to do things like housekeeping, laundry, money management, cooking, nutrition, safety, social skills, communication, accessing medical care, using community resources, and participating in community activities.

Some of you who do not have disabilities may take doing these things for granted. Without the support we provide, many of our customers would sit alone in their homes, if they have homes, or be out in the community and encountering problems they are not equipt to manage alone. Many lack the communication skills to express their needs or understand the advice they are given. Many are targets for people who would take their money, dignity, and freedom. (more…)

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A Typical Day

A Day in the Life of An ARISE Mentors Employee

By Stephen Rex Goode

Categories: The Work

We hire personal support workers for adults with developmental disabilities who are looking to learn skills and reach new levels of independence. Days with clients are filled with learning, support, and fun. If you are looking for an opportunity to make a difference in the life of some of the greatest people in the world, read on. (more…)

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Ready to Rock

By Stephen Rex Goode

Categories: News

We’ve jumped over every state-mandated hoop and are ready to rock ‘n’ roll. Now we need some employees and clients. We’ve had some leads for both, but we need even more.

Take a look at our employment page and our employment FAQ.


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About Us

By Stephen Rex Goode

Categories: General

We are ARISE Mentors, LLP. We are a provider ageny in the developmental disabilities system of the State of Oregon.

We provide personal support to developmentally disabled children and adults in the areas of independent living and inclusion in the community. We provide these supports in the form of skills training, providing cues to help individuals practice skills, and stand-by support while individuals try to put their learning into practice.

What supports a customer receives will depend on a set of goals written in conjunction with a personal agent or case manager. These are based on the customer’s interests and needs.

More concretely, this could include anything from grocery shopping to assistance with community resources such as doctors and government agencies. It could also include social activities and developing relationships. It might involve helping customers find safe and affordable housing.

We support customers in expressive and receptive communication. That’s a fancy way of saying that we help customers learn how to express themselves to be understood as well as to understand what others are trying to say to them.

Our directors have about 25 years of combined experience in the field. Our employees will be well-supervised, well-trained, friendly, and effective.

Feel free to contact us and ask questions.

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Awaiting Enrollment

By Stephen Rex Goode

Categories: General,News

As of today, we are at the stage of enrolling with the state of Oregon as a Medicaid provider. In order to complete this step, we have sought insurance quotes so that we can obtain the mandatory levels and kinds of insurance required.

We hope that it will not take much longer. Until this step is done, we aren’t hiring or accepting clients. Stay tuned for more. We will accept applications. Download one at our Employment Page.

We will announce it here when this stage is complete.


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