An Oregon Medicaid Agency Supporting Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The Road to Success

With so much criticism of good intentions, we forget that much good in the world begins first with the intention to do good. Indeed, people who deliberately set out do do evil usually succeed, but very people who set out to do good ever completely fail. As Al Capone illustrates, just about everyone thinks they’re doing the work of heaven instead of heading up a parade to hell.

Gabby Montelongo

Lead DSP/DSP Hello, I’m Gabby Montelongo A little about me. I’ve worked with general youth in multiple roles. I also have experience caring for those on the spectrum and assisting elderly feel more comfortable and confident. I’ve arranged multiple care pack lines to assist the homeless community. Really try to put a key emphasis on community and helping […]

Michelle Timothy

Lead DSP/DSP Hello, my name is Michelle Timothy. I enjoy working with people and love learning and teaching. About me, I am a middle-aged mother of three children 10, 8 and 5, who is happily married. I have a few fur babies and feathered friends I take care of, and while I do not own […]

Focusing on Potential

Instead of concentrating on who they were, he decided to focus instead on who they could become. He laid out the ground rules of respect and began talking to them about life. His new purpose was to prepare them for adulthood.

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