An Oregon Medicaid Agency Supporting Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Mandatory Training

Using iLearn


The State of Oregon requires all Direct Support Professionals to complete training within the first few months of being hired. All of the training is online and results in certificates that the company will keep in employee files.

Payment for Training

During the State of Oregon Stay Home order, the company will pay for training time. Log in to the billing program and choose your region’s In-House as the customer. Also choose “Training” as the service. Log in prior to beginning each time you do training. After the Stay Home order is ended, you will need to take these trainings on your own time, so the time to do it is now.

The company does not pay for training required by Oregon Employment Laws, as per Oregon Administrative Rule 839-020-0044 (7), which states:

Time spent in required training outside regular working hours at specialized or follow up training which is required for certification of employees by any law or ordinance does not constitute compensable hours of work. The time spent in training as provided in this subsection is not compensable, even if all or part of the cost of training is borne by the employer.

The courses are not long. Most of them can be completed in about 30 minutes.

Where to Be Trained

All training is done at the state training website. You need to establish an account with them.

To create an account, go to Click on “Create Account”. You will be taken to a screen where you enter your information. This is important. Make sure to click on the circle next to “Not a State Employee.”

Only enter the information where there are red asterisks. Then submit.

Once your login is established and you are logged in, you can find the trainings using the search bar or following the links below in the next section.

Mandatory Trainings

  • The first training you need to take is called, “Mandatory Abuse Reporting: Adults with Developmental Disabilities.” New employees should take this training within one month of being hired. Employees that have been with us for a year or so should take this training as soon as possible, even if you took it previously. The state has made many changes and they expect all DSPs to being trained in current requirements.
    You can get to this training at this link:
  • The rest of the mandatory trainings are called the DSP Core Competency trainings. They cover many subjects, and all are required. The first one is here:


Both the mandatory abuse course and the core competencies course result in a certificate that you must download or print and forward to your lead DSP. If you do not download/ print the certificate, we will not know you have completed the training.  You must send it to your Lead DSP.

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